Mission & Vision


To be, a progressive school of the future where learning is in the environment of fun, rather than forced and yet, responsive to the needs of changing time. An institution where, students are continuously challenged, with new trends and ideas, promoting critical thinking relative to practical application in life. Inspired and mould every student with the charisms of St. Therese Academy, of respect, modesty, dignity, faith and integrity, and selfless-care for others.


St. Therese Academy envisioned being a non-traditional education institution which provides opportunities for students to learn in a student- centered environment, allowing them to explore and discover academic and life skills through experiential exposure. Promote Higher Order of Thinking Skills (HOTS) in all academic and non-academic disciplines .Thus, allowing each student to define and raised their own bar of standards towards achievement and success in life.

The CORE VALUES  of St. Therese Academy creates a culture that is unique and distinct for every graduates and stakeholders of the schools:

EXECELLENCE: We continuously find ways to do things better, to improve ourselves and the society. We increasingly strive for greater heights and accomplishments.

RESPECT: We value the contribution, personalities and voices of individuals in the society and in particular give reverence to tradition of Filipino ingenuity.

CONCERN FOR OTHERS: We foster a deep concern and commitment towards the upliftment of each other and the society.

MODESTY: Allows individual to focus on what is good without being distracted by irrelevant superficialities.

DIGNITY: Commands community respect thru righteous living.

FAITH: Believing with determination and conviction.

INTEGRITY: Having high standard of moral principle and reliability in action and in words.