Welcome Parents to the Parent Online Facility of St. Therese Academy!

The Parent Online Facility (POLF) is a unique feature offered by St. Therese Academy where parents with pre-school children can view them while in school thru St. Therese Academy’s secure website both from here and abroad.

Each St. Therese Academy student is allotted one user account-ID plus password that the parents may claim from the school’s administrative office upon registration. The number of usernames and passwords given to each family will depend on the number of students they have enrolled at St. Therese Academy. This is one of our ways of ensuring the security of this facility.

Parents are reminded to keep their usernames and passwords with strict confidentiality. They are reminded not to share their passwords to other parents or friends. Any misuse of this facility will automatically block parents from accessing the POLF website.

Furthermore, a security measure is in place wherein, a parent with a child in nursery may only view the nursery classroom where his/her child is in. That parent may not view any other classroom unless he/she has a child in another class.

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