General Curriculum


In line with our institution’s thrust of St. Therese Academy, the school would like to put premium in strengthening our student mastery of English communication skills, Mathematical dexterity and Scientific interest through curriculum integration in all subject areas.

Core Subjects:

Communication Arts in English: Developing competencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing among learners. Listening competencies include such skills as auditory discrimination and comprehension. Speaking includes pronunciation, use of expressions and grammatical structures. Reading includes vocabulary development, recognition, comprehension and study skills, and Writing includes handwriting skills, composition and mechanics. These competencies are key factors in the mastery of the art communication using varied format.

Filipino: This academic discipline provides developmental venue to gain competencies in listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in Filipino as vital tool for communication. The subjects promote competencies in the proper use of our native language (mother tongue) as written and oral communication platform to express ones ideas.

Mathematics: Provides learners with opportunities in the acquisition of numerical skills and operational competencies necessary to gain understanding of the practical application of these mathematical concepts in real life activities.

Science and Health: This learning area aims to help the learner to gain a functional understanding of science concepts and principles linked with real-life situations and acquire scientific skills, as well as scientific attitudes and values needed in solving everyday problems pertaining to health and sanitation, nutrition, the environment and conservation.


MAKABAYAN : The laboratory of life, or an experiential learning area which consists of Sibika at Kultura/Heograpiya (Geography), Kasaysayan (History) at Sibika SK/HKS; Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan (Home Economics) or EPP; Musika (Music), Sining (Arts) at Edukasyon sa Pagpapalakas ng Katawan (Physical Education) or MSEP. Makabayan learning area provides the balance as it addresses primarily societal needs. This is where the learners are exposed to practical knowledge and life skills as well as Positive values towards the development of self-reliant and functional individuals, contributory to nation building.

as a learning area shall feature a stronger integration of competencies and values within and across its learning area component and the tool learning areas. It shall use integrative teaching approaches where appropriate and relevant for a more holistic learning.

shall be integrated in Sibika at Kultura.These can be used either as springboard or outcome of the lesson. But if there’s a need to formally teach the elements of Music, Arts and Physical Education the teacher can do so. Values Education is an integral part of the MAKABAYAN components.